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Crawlspace Medic®

A healthy home starts from the ground up, so at Crawlspace Medic®, we can't recommend having your crawl space inspected by our professional team enough. We can come to your home and do a free inspection, so you know what actions to take to preserve your home's efficiency and health. Book a free crawl space inspection today!

What can we help you with today?

  • Crawl Space Inspections 
  • Moisture Control 
  • Interior French Drain Systems 
  • Sump Pumps 
  • Moisture (or Vapor) Barriers 
  • Encapsulation Systems 
  • Dehumidifiers 
  • Insulation 
  • Structural Repair 
  • Termite Damage Repair 
  • Wood Rot Repair 
  • Subfloor Repair 
  • Water Damage Repair 
  • And More!

"We never stop crawling; we've crawled miles and miles for our customers providing custom, necessary repairs for living in their homes, purchasing a home or selling a home." 

- Owner of Crawlspace Medic®

We'll Inspect Your 
Crawl Space for Free!


Crawlspace Medic, LLC © 2019. Licensed Contractors. All rights reserved.